Holliston Sands FAQS

Do you offer worldwide delivery?

Yes. We offer delivery services around the globe. Within the U.S., our Holliston Logistics fleet ensures that your material makes it onsite on time, every time.

Is it possible to get an estimate for my project?

To get an accurate estimate on your project, the best option is to give us a call and provide as much detail about your project as possible. This will give us a great start in determining what sand product is most appropriate for you or if you prefer, send all of your projects details to us via an email and we will contact you.  sales@holllistonsand.com or filling out the request form.

How do I purchase sand from you?

You can purchase silica sand products from us by phone. If you are ready to purchase material, please give us a call at 401-766-5010.

Can I get a sample of the sand for my project?

Yes, we provide sample kits to companies and organizations who would like samples for their libraries or simply need to see and touch the product before making a purchasing decision. Please reach out to use by filling out our contact form.

Can you engineer and create a unique product for my industry?

We pride ourselves on offering high quality silica materials that are made to spec. Our variety of customers require all sorts of sand product for their applications and we are able to deliver custom blends to meet your needs.

What is the quality of your sand?

From the beginning to end product, our silica sand is treated through various steps that ensure a very uniform, high-quality silica sand material, no matter what the end use may be.

From airport traction sand to filtration sand, we ensure that each load that leaves our facility has our quality assurance.