John Pierce, RISD

I’ve been working with Holliston Sand for 8 years. They’ve always been specific to my needs as an artist. High quality sand makes for good glass. There are no imperfections in the sand that I get from Holliston. We don’t go anywhere else as far our shop needs goes for those materials. Holliston Sand is it.

John Pierce

John Driscoll, Silpro

There are a number of products that we manufacture here at Silpro that require very strict specifications. Holliston consistently meets these specifications with lab-tested materials that they provide for us. We get documentation on the materials, so we know that everything is always consistent, and it always is. Holliston Sand delivers on time, all the time.

John Driscoll

Andrew Rhyne, PHD , Roger Williams University

We were looking for a sand that was graded very specifically to a certain grain and also was of very high quality, in regards to the materials that weren’t in there. We just wanted sand, we didn’t want a lot of organic matter or things that would cause problems in the water. It’s a spectacular product. I’ve recommended their sand to a number of public aquariums and aquacultures. To be able to get sand that’s that type of grain, that certified organic and is the same every time, it makes our life easy.

Andrew Rhyne, PHD
Roger Williams University

Rocky Perham, Australis Aquaculture

We have a state of the art of facility that’s predicated on bio-filtration. We are delighted to have Holliston Sand partner with us in this effort. They create a well graded, uniform sand that’s used in bio-filters and it’s perfect for the application.

Rocky Perham
Australis Aquaculture

Gerry Lagesse, HART Engineering

The sand has to have a high, high quality of media size. The co-efficiency of the sand has to be perfect. This is the highest spec that Holliston has ever seen, across the country.

Gerry Lagesse
HART Engineering

Tom Brodeur, TPC Boston

I came upon a group of what appeared to be very good players and there was a gentleman in a bunker about 140 yards from the green and I saw him hit it to maybe within a foot of the hole…He just turned to me and said “that is the best sand I’ve ever played out of.” Holliston is definitely a partner. They know that we have very high standards. If we ask those guys to make a tweak or adjustment to the mix they are providing, they can make those adjustments. There aren’t many companies that can do that.

Tom Brodeur
TPC Boston