About Holliston Sand

Holliston Sand Company

Holliston Sand is the leading producer of high quality sands for the industrial, commercial and filtration markets. From asphalt sands to divot mixes, Holliston provides the elements for the manufacturing and building needs of the every day. Operations consist of four main processing components, including wash operations, dryer operations, sports turf production, packaging and are designed to enable maximum customization for each one of our customers.

Veteran-owned, Holliston Sand is committed to continual reinvestment in new technology and education to deliver the elements you need, exactly the way you need them. Our business is designed to evolve to meet changing customer requirements as cost-effectively as possible. With state-of-the-art bagging and palletizing capabilities that allow us to fully scale to any volume and process emergency orders faster than anyone else on the market, we are constantly further streamlining our productions processes to bring you what you need even quicker.

Strategically located in New England with a global distribution network and complete processing capabilities, Holliston services engineers, architects, builders, and more, everywhere in the world. Our full-service packaging and total logistical planning center provides everything from private labeling to international scheduling to ensure that from New England to you, our products deliver for the every day.

For more information on how we can design a sand solution for your specific project, contact sales@hollistonsand.com.