Industrial Applications

Holliston Sand is New England’s most established supplier of industrial sand and stone products for a wide variety of applications. To ensure total durability and rugged survivability for everyday use, Holliston utilizes a proprietary glacial mineral deposit; where our sand grains are washed completely free of clay and silt, sorted into gradations, stockpiled for quick streamlined international and domestic distribution. Everything is done according to customer specifications, you can be confident in the total quality and customization for your unique need.

  • Pipelining, well and geothermal drilling
  • Power plants, railroads and airports
  • Railroad Traction Sand
  • Sandblasting, foundries and restoration
  • Shingle and Headlap Sand
  • Wastewater Filtration Sand
  • Abrasive Sand
  • Asphalt sealants, paver leveling and stabilizer products and shingles
  • FAA Runway Traction Sand
  • Filler and Extender Sand
  • Fluidized Bed Sand
  • Foundry Casting Sand