UMass Greenhouse Labs








So at this facility, we do more controlled environment research compared to some of the research at our field facility. We have many different grass species that we grow, not only in the greenhouse, so in these more controlled conditions compared to the field, but we also have growth chambers where we can really do refined work on different kinds of stresses on plants and grasses in particular. So things like drought stress and temperature stresses. So one of the other things that we do here, so in addition to research is a big component, but teaching is also an important part of our program here. One of our main goals is to identify grasses that really can perform better under reduced input, so kind of a continuation of things that we do in the field.

So the one unique advantage of being able to, first of all, have kind of state-of-the-art facilities like this is that we are able to control things like temperature, humidity levels, light levels, all of these things are really important factors. So Holliston Sand has really been great in terms of the flexibility in their customer service because we’ve always had a great working relationship with them. It’s been really good and also the material itself is high quality and consistent. And for research, consistency in our materials is really what’s driven our relationship with them.