TPC Boston









I came upon a group last week of what appeared to be very good players. And there was one gentleman in a bunker that’s about 140 yards or so from our 7th green. And I saw him hit it to maybe a foot from the hole. He just turned to me and said that is the best sand I’ve ever played on.

I’m the golf course superintendent here at TPC Boston. I’ve been here since 2001, beginning with construction and then right on through completion and construction, opening. And we’ve operated the club now for 11 years.

Holliston is definitely a partner. They know that we have very high standards. We do a lot of testing with them and fortunately, they have their own lab, which kind of help’s push that process along. We test every load, or at least a couple of loads a year of top dressing, which we use on top of the greens that we originally built with their mix. If we ask those guys for something or to create something a little bit different or to make a tweak in what it is we need or are currently using, they’re capable of making that adjustment. And there aren’t too many folks that can make that claim.

What I would say, and I tell people this all the time. I get asked what I like about my job, it would be a hard job to leave because I have two things really working in our favor. One is we have very high-quality water, but the other thing is to have a sand supplier. If you have good water, and a sand supplier that can produce time after time the same product for the same consistency, you really have two things that agronomically make it a winning situation.