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Hart Engineering is a general contractor. We do a lot of public work, wastewater, water treatment plants. We also do a lot of pharmaceuticals, biotech, high-period piping, specialized piping. This is the Providence Water Treatment Plant. It services about 65% of the state of Rhode Island with clean water. It’s a completely gravity fed plant, went from the reservoir all the way through the process. We’ve been here for about four years now rehabbing the entire plant. We started with the affluent side of the plant, which is all the backwash piping. Basically, that’s the water that’s been purified and filtered. It comes through the effluent pipes, goes into a clear well and then goes out through the distributions. In the city, they’ll 40% more process where the plant will go from a 140 MGD, which is a million gallons per day, to a 185, 190 MGD.

At this point in time, we’re into the portion of the project, which is the filter boxes which is the basically the filtering system of the treatment process. That’s going to get all filtered out through. You’ll see that and falling into the troughs, and at a point in time, you’ll start to see it get clearer and clearer and clearer until the water is clean. The sand meteor, what that’ll do is that’ll catch all of the particles, much like a pool filter. It’ll catch all of the particles of debris, organics, and stuff in the raw water. Once that is collected in the water, it filters through, then it’s purified, it’s chlorinated and so forth. The sand has to have a high quality of medium-sized the coefficient of the sand has to be perfect. When the backwash happens, it expands the meteor. The air and the water expand the meteor. The more expansion you get, the cleaner it’s going to come out. If the sand isn’t perfect sized, and I mean perfect sized, it won’t settle back out in that perfect layer. It would have anthracite mixed in with the sand and will mix in with the anthracite, which you cannot have. This is the highest spec that Holliston has ever seen across the country.

Our portion is providing the silica sand, which is a very uniform product. The uniform, the coefficient of 1.3. The specification was presented to us. We provided samples. The samples were accepted, and we were then integrated in as a partner for this project. We produce it, we provide it just in time for their implementation, and we intend on doing it over the next five to six years. This is actually the first project we’ve done with Holliston, and the material that they produce, it’s high quality.