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Buccacio Sculpture Services


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The only thing I can remember is my mother brought Play-Doh home one day and I started using it and I don’t think I ever really stopped. It’s an inanimate piece of clay that now looks like it’s starting to come to life, that’s when I start to get a kick out of things. The sculpting, the producing of the artwork is definitely my favorite part of it.

You have to have subtlety, you have to have nuance, you have to breathe life into it, but at the same time, it can be really physically demanding to achieve that kind of stuff. So, you need good people around you that know how to work in those types of environments. The people that I buy my products from in order to make my business run, they are vital, they’re my life-blood. When I ram a sand mold, some of those tops and bottoms, they may be 1200 pounds of sand that I catalyze into a brick and we’re raising it up into the air. So if anything has not been thought through 110%, the temperature of the room, the ramming of the sand, the chemicals that were used, you’re risking your safety, so that’s why it’s critical that we had the right sand.

I searched for the quality sand that I needed and I finally got in touch with Holliston Sand. A representative came all the way up here with samples, to look at the operation, and really get a good sense of what I needed out of the sand. I ran some tests and I’ve been using Holliston Sand ever since. It’s just beautiful. I mean, if you look at it and hold it in your hand, it just looks like this pure sand and there’s no contaminants, and so I can rely on it. If you have the right sand, you can get amazing results.