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Airports use our sand to track planes on the tarmac, but we engineer it to be small enough not to harm the jet engine.

We work hard so that when you turn that faucet, you can trust what comes out.

That's the element in everyday

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Community Moments: The Steelyard’s Firecamp - July 14, 2014

Our sand is going places and we are happy to show everyone where it has been recently! The Steelyard located in Providence, RI is a great organization doing marvels in iron casting, metal working and jewelry making and we wanted to be part of all that is happening there. Want to see how, check...

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Clean Water for All: Holliston Sand Partners with Water for People - June 16, 2014

Water is an essential part of our everyday life, we need it to survive. For many of us, water is openly available and the thought of not having it never really occurs to us. However there are people in this world who are not as fortunate and live each day consuming too little water or water...

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